Top 8 Reasons Why Private Tours Will Trend This Year

Top 8 Reasons Why Private Tours Will Trend This Year

As countries across the world begin to emerge from lockdown, more and more people are looking forward to travelling again. The United Nations World Tourism Organisation predicts that with proper adherence to curb the spread of Coronavirus, global tourism will pick up and surpass pre-pandemic levels by 2024. However, as international borders reopen, travellers want to have more control over their itineraries and the people they are travelling with. And what better and safer way to travel than as a member of a private tour?

What are private tours?

A private tour is a personalised experience where a group of friends or family of up to nine people enjoy tailor-made itineraries designed around their preferences, timeframe and budget. With Private Tours, travellers get to enjoy the experience in a more intimate and protected setting, offering increased security & flexibility.

Here are eight reasons why private tours will trend in 2022:

1. Higher Comfort, Safety and Peace of Mind

As the World begins to travel again, promoting Health & Safety is a top priority. And in private tours, the focus remains on the well-being of travellers while creating & delivering unforgettable experiences. With Private Tours, travellers get to travel in a more intimate setting with people they know well and feel safe around – their family, extended family, or close friends making it easier to follow social distancing norms.

“At Kuoni Tumlare, our health & safety guidelines are of highest standards and hold a World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) Safe Travels stamp.”

2. Personalised Itineraries

With the help of tour experts, travellers get to build their very own itineraries based on their interests and needs. This allows travellers to cover everything they want to explore and experience and ensures the highest satisfaction with better use of travel time. Furthermore, the local tour guide adds rich insights and authentic experiences, letting travellers enjoy and savour every moment of their trip, which brings us to our next point.

3. Local Guides

Access to local guides in a private tour further enhances travellers’ experience. The local travel experts give their undivided attention to travellers, factoring in all their requests and arranging the itinerary to match their tour duration. And, since local guides are intimately aware of the local history and customs, they allow for a more profound experience – highlighting the must-see spots and hidden gems in & around the destination. Furthermore, as local guides understand the movement of local traffic and people, they will advise the group on the best times to visit each item on the itinerary – helping the group remain safe and observe the necessary safety protocols.

4. Access Special Destinations

The flexibility of Private Tours is such that travellers get to choose unique destinations that are difficult to visit as part of large group itineraries. It’s easier to meet traveller demands and for each member to express their desires, such as including bucket list destinations or activities.

5. Exclusive Experiences

With Private Tours, travellers can enjoy local experiences and finer things unique to their liking and perfect for an intimate experience. They can hand-pick activities to make their journeys memorable such as private tastings with winemakers, a private luncheon at a local chef’s residence, a tasting with a winery owner, etc. Such experiences build a strong bond and bring travellers closer to the place/destination in countless ways.

6. Unrivalled Flexibility

One of the great advantages of private tours is that travellers can craft their travel plans and agenda as per their own unique preferences, timeframe, and budget rather than travelling in a fixed group departure. With this enhanced flexibility, travellers also have better options to choose flights and accommodation that suit their plan and budget.

7. Travel at your own pace

In keeping with the issue of harmony, people who know each other tend to move faster together. Therefore, planning an activity-packed itinerary is possible, ensuring travellers enjoy the most in the time they have at the destination. In addition, it is easier to coordinate the next move in a small group if plans change - for example, if people wish to stay at a destination longer or move on to the next destination.

8. Private Transportation

A small group can travel in minivans or private luxury vehicles instead of tour buses used by large groups. Therefore, the group can move faster and visit more attractions. It’s also easier to cater to the travel needs of group members with special needs, such as infants and the elderly.


As the world continues to lift restrictions, people are re-discovering their passion for travel. And as per the reasons highlighted above, there is every indication that private tours will meet people’s need to travel with the new realities. At Kuoni Tumlare, we have over a century’s experience in travel destination management and are constantly adapting to ensure we provide the best for our travellers. We understand what makes a tour exciting and what your group needs for a memorable stay. Visit or Contact us to learn more about our Private Tours and how we can help you deliver the perfect trip to your customers.