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CEO Message

Kuoni Tumlare, a Strong Global Partner for You

As our Partners’ needs continue to evolve, we are in a unique position to help them overcome today’s challenges (and those of the future) head-on and seize the opportunities that arise with them. With our strong global footprint, rich expertise, diverse offering and established partnerships, we offer stability and agility that can’t be found elsewhere. Our portfolio of products and solutions, built on 100+ years of destination management experience, creates maximum value for our clients, suppliers, and wider society. 

Our Leaders

Shinji Kamio

Shinji Kamio

Chief Executive Officer​
Zurich, Switzerland

As CEO of the JTB Europe Group, Shinji Kamio oversees all of its businesses – leading strategy, planning and organisation.

Having been part of the JTB Group for more than 25 years, Shinji Kamio leverages an in-depth understanding and experience across numerous functions, businesses, and geographies to drive his strategic decision making.

In the years before becoming CEO in 2020, he led the deal to acquire Kuoni GTS in 2017 as head of M&A for the JTB Group and was appointed Deputy CEO of Kuoni Tumlare (2018-20). Prior to this, his experience was in Corporate Strategy at Travel Plaza Europe and Tumlare, Inbound Marketing at JTB Japan, and MICE & Group sales.

Keiichiro Otofuji

Keiichiro Otofuji

Chief Financial Officer​
Zurich, Switzerland

Keiichiro Otofuji joined the JTB Group 30 years ago, starting his journey as a group travel sales representative at our offices in Tokyo.

After having spent ten years in sales, he then made the move to the finance and accounting field and built his experience on a number of projects across different regions. In 2013, he was promoted to Chief Financial Officer for JTB Americas and then GM for Corporate Planning (GBU HQ) in 2019.

​​​​In 2020, Keiichiro Otofuji took on the role of CFO for the JTB Europe Group - leading the Corporate & Finance function responsible for Business Controlling, Legal & Compliance, Tax & Transfer Pricing, Group Accounting & Consolidation, Treasury, as well as Global Facilities and Risk Management.

Marco Russi

Marco Russi

Chief Operating Officer, Kuoni Tumlare MICE & Destination Offices Europe​​​​​​​
Zurich, Switzerland

Marco is the COO, Kuoni Tumlare MICE & Destination Offices Europe.

Marco joined Kuoni in 1997 holding various management positions in Procurement and Operations with Kuoni Destination Management.

With the acquisition of GTA Travel by the Kuoni Group in 2011, Marco integrated the Procurement divisions of the two groups. He has since held several leadership roles across the business. He led the Accommodation Agency mandate in France for the UEFA Euro 2016 tournament.

With the acquisition of Kuoni GTS by the JTB Group in 2017, Marco integrated Tumlare, Kuoni Global Travel Service and JTB businesses in Europe where he led Procurement and Operation division. He went on to lead the Kuoni Tumlare MICE Division in 2020.

John Gartmann

John Gartmann

Chief Technology Officer and Head of Japanspecialist
Zurich, Switzerland

John started his career in the travel industry 30 years ago when he joined Tumlare in a junior role within the Finance department.

In 2009, John served as a Senior Finance Manager, a position he held until 2012, when he was named Finance Director. In 2016, he was appointed Global Sales Director, followed by a role leading the Operations team in the period before the merger with Kuoni GTS.

As CTO, his multi-disciplinary background is particularly valuable in leading the technology team through integration and adaptation projects.

Nandita Debur

Chief Human Resources Officer
Zurich, Switzerland

With over 20 years of prior HR experience, Nandita joined Kuoni GTS in 2012 as HR VP for APAC & MEA.

Since then, she has progressed through a number of roles, taking on global HR projects in addition to her HRBP sales role in 2017, and integrating HR teams as Global HR Operations lead in 2018. In these roles, Nandita supported on mergers, cultural integration, and transformation projects - leading the HR pandemic response and organisational restructuring.

In 2020, Nandita took on the role of Chief Human Resources Officer for the JTB Europe Group, leading on people, culture, and engagement across the organisation.

Katsumi Shimizu

Katsumi Shimizu

Chief Strategy and Project Officer
Paris, France

Katsumi Shimizu joined JTB Japan in 1986. He was responsible for Sales Operations at the branch office and Product Planning, Sales Management and Business Strategy at regional headquarters. He was appointed as Operation Manager of JTB Paris in 2001.

He has been in Europe for almost 18 years. With extensive knowledge of Japan's tourism market to Europe, he has held positions including JTB Paris General Manager, President of JTB Europe Ltd (UK), General Manager of the In-house Business at Global Business Unit and President of JTB Europe.

After the acquisition of Kuoni GTS, he took the role of SVP of JTB Inhouse and DMC Operation, and General Manager of Kuoni Tumlare France and Switzerland.

Mirela Sucic Cevra

Mirela Sucic Cevra

Vice President East and North Europe
Zagreb, Croatia

Mirela joined Tumlare in 2007, as Country Director. She was involved in many different roles, including destination development management and regional roles before the merger with Kuoni GTS.

In 2018 her role was extended to General Manager East Europe where she successfully supervised teams in 4 remote locations and held responsibility for business in 14 different countries.

Bringing 20 years of experience in destination management, Mirela took on the role of Vice President of North & East Europe in May 2022, leading 9 destination offices and 20 destinations in total.

Mirela holds a PhD and lectures at University College Edward Bernays in Zagreb, Croatia.

Reto Kaufmann

Reto Kaufmann

Vice President South and South East Asia

Reto joined Kuoni more than 30 years ago. He has extensive knowledge and experience in B2C and B2B inbound and outbound group travel business in Europe & Asia.

With 25 years of experience in Asia, he has held various key positions in the company across Asia, including General Manager of Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia & Singapore, Head of MICE in Asia and Head of Sales for the entire SEA region.

He was named Vice President of Southeast & South Asia in 2017 and continues to hold this position where he oversees 7 sales offices and drives continues growth in sales.

Reto is involved in many of the projects that drive organisational development and transformational activities.

Victor Lopes

Victor Lopes

Vice President North and East Asia
Tokyo, Japan

Victor joined Kuoni in 1997 in Japan, first in Operations and then in different Sales management roles in Japan.

He led Universal Net Link Japan (JTB group) as Managing Director for 4 years. Victor then held several leadership roles in Sales, first based in Singapore, and back in Japan in 2011 with in Kuoni.

With the acquisition of GTA Travel by Kuoni in 2011, Victor oversaw the integration of Sales activities of both entities in Japan. Since 2018, his role has expanded to other Asian markets.

As the Vice President of the North and East Asia region, he is responsible for the Japanese, Korean, Taiwanese, and Philippines markets.

Joseph Green

Joseph Green

Vice President Europe and Americas
Boston, United States

As the Vice President of Americas & Europe, Joe is responsible for driving growth within these markets and the operation of the FIT Centre servicing customers worldwide.

Joe has over 30 years of industry experience and joined Tumlare in 2000 as a Senior Sales Manager responsible for USA and Canada. In 2008 he took over the role of General Manager North America and then Regional Director Sales Americas.

In 2018, he held dual roles in both Kuoni GTS and Tumlare. In 2020 his responsibility has extended to include Europe and the FIT Centre.

Joe’s passion can be seen in his successful efforts to build Kuoni Tumlare’s business with special interest tours.