Kuoni Tumlare, a Strong Global Partner for You

Shinji Kamio
Shinji Kamio
CEO Kuoni Tumlare
Zurich, Switzerland

With the challenges linked to ever-changing customer preferences, ecological concerns, and global uncertainty, we find ourselves in a world where the products, solutions, and approaches of the past no longer achieve the same results. 

As our Partners’ needs continue to evolve, we are in a unique position to help them overcome today’s challenges (and those of the future) head-on and seize the opportunities that arise with them. 
With our strong global footprint, rich expertise, diverse offering and established partnerships, we offer stability and agility that can’t be found elsewhere. Our portfolio of products and solutions, built on 100+ years of destination management experience, creates maximum value for our clients, suppliers, and wider society.  
From the union of multiple brands from our family we are now one global team standing united behind one global mission: to deliver truly inspiring and innovative solutions and experiences that create value both for our Partners and Society at large. 
As one team, now more than ever, you can trust us to be by your side – providing leadership through turbulent times and trusted service across a wide range of products and solutions under the Kuoni Tumlare banner. 

Why Partner with Us?

With a large portfolio of products and solutions, we cater to a wide range of customer needs in close collaboration with our trusted suppliers and powered by our team of experts. Here are some benefits our Partners can expect from working with us, either as a Customer or Supplier: 

Access to a Wide Portfolio that Satisfies a Wide Range of Needs

We offer the opportunity to explore new business opportunities across our vast portfolio of solutions and products for continuous growth and collaboration - all your needs met in one place. Our solutions include series tours, technical visits, educational tours, Japanspecialist travel consultation, as well as meetings, incentives, conferences, and exhibitions. While our product portfolio features MyBus excursions at destinations as well as guaranteed departure tours devised and delivered by our Seat-in-Coach specialists, Europamundo (EMV) and MyBus Landcruise.  

With 100+ Years of Destination Management Experience, We Are a Destination-Centric Company

We provide the best, most authentic experiences across a large network of destinations. With us, value creation starts at destination level where relationships are built on trust and lead to long-lasting collaboration and unique experiences.  

Dedicated Experts to Fulfill Our Partners' Needs 

Our experts are wired to understand your needs and put together solutions that satisfy your expectations. Working with the best experts in the industry, you can trust our expertise and our will to help you thrive and succeed whatever your request. 

A Strong Corporate Foundation and One Team

We provide stability and proven experience in uncertain and highly dynamic environments. Our size, structure, and investment in innovation ensure long-term reliability, a future-proof strategy and a strong financial position. Our people are united behind a shared vision: to foster connections across cultures in a sustainable and responsible way. 

We’ve increased our focus on innovation to help us do this – leading our business, and our partners, into the future with confidence. In addition, with our renewed CSR and sustainability efforts, we are reinforcing the promise of bringing people closer and making lasting change across the communities we operate in.

Looking Ahead

I encourage you to explore our new website which provides further information on what we offer and how we work – an easy way for all our Partners to stay in touch. You can also follow us on LinkedIn for the latest news and updates.

We are excited to partner with you and look forward to working together on new exciting projects. Together, let's pave the way for brighter days ahead.