Our People: Ofelia Yen, Senior HR Manager, Kuoni Tumlare
Our People: Ofelia Yen, Senior HR Manager, Taipei, Taiwan
Ofelia Yen
Senior HR Manager
Taipei, Taiwan
Kuoni Tumlare

Our People: Ofelia Yen, Senior HR Manager, Kuoni Tumlare

Get to know what sets our people apart and how they put our values into action.

Senior HR Manager, Ofelia Yen, shares what she has learnt working across a variety of areas with colleagues of all different levels and backgrounds – respect being central to how she operates.


Never Stop Learning

Taking care of all local HR tasks for five countries (around 70+ employees) is an exciting challenge.

What do I do day-to-day? It changes every day…processing payroll, recruitment, policy and benefit updates, maintaining employee records, organising and supporting on training sessions, engagement activities and projects, reporting, and contract renewals.

To deliver results, I need to stay up to date on all kinds of regulations for each country, such as labour law and tax, and keep track of the latest policies.

I’m always learning from people, my daily tasks and the world, and try to remain flexible and open-minded to face all the changes and challenges I face – finding the solution that works for all. 

The journey may be challenging but is never boring.


Travel is Diverse and Inspiring

We meet all kinds of people, experience different cultures, and face unexpected challenges, bringing different feelings and new perspectives to our life.



Close Relationships and Energy

There's no sense of distance among colleagues and it’s full of energy. You can reach out to colleagues around the world easily, even leadership team members, and always get a friendly response.



Mutual Understanding and Respect Are What Keep Our Business Going

Working in HR, you see all the many ways different people interact and communicate across the business.

Disagreements within a global organisation are unavoidable, but the most important thing is to maintain a mentality of mutual respect and understanding to seek the best solution to achieve our goal.


Taiwan Beach Clean-Up

In 2021, we completed a beach clean-up as part of the JTB Brighter Earth Project.

This was the most official and high-profile event I led after joining Kuoni Tumlare. Just like organising a group tour, there were lots of details to account for, a long preparation period and many different elements to manage. I really appreciated the support and participation from all my colleagues in Taiwan. I’m just as proud of them as myself. 



The Tulip Capital: The Netherlands

My favourite destination is the Netherlands. This was the first overseas trip I took with my daughter when she was 6 years old, just the two of us.

It was a truly relaxing journey where we enjoyed beautiful views, talked to local people and visited a friend. Our favourite spots are Keukenhof, Giethoorn and the theme park, Efteling.