Huge Success of the Online Tour of Tallinn, a Smart City

Huge Success of the Online Tour of Tallinn, a Smart City

Self-Driving Buses | Lunch Box Recycling | Digital Prescriptions


One of our recent initiatives at Kuoni Tumlare involved setting up a virtual tour to Tallinn, Estonia, in the high-tech Ulemiste district, for WASEDA University, a research-intensive institution located in the heart of Tokyo.

The Ulemiste district is a truly unique place to visit as it’s a smart city that is pushing the envelope when it comes to implementing technology into our daily lives. The virtual tour immersed students from WASEDA University, in this smart city through our guided online tour.

This district in Tallinn is one of the most technologically integrated cities in Europe. Visitors from across the globe can experience all sorts of impressive implementations, such as self-driving buses, digital prescriptions, lunch box recycling and other incredible technological innovations.

The Ask

WASEDA University wanted to organize a budget-friendly online tour of a smart city to provide its students with a comprehensive and deep understanding on the subject – from the philosophy behind the smart city concept all the way to its application.

The Solution

After evaluating the request, we instantly knew that an online tour of the Ulemiste district was the perfect match for their needs. In fact, the Ülemiste smart city is a modern and future oriented technology campus that hosts 300 international and domestic companies and nationals from more than 50 countries.

The Execution

Our local team in Estonia built this online tour of the Ulemiste district from scratch. Before going live, we thoroughly assessed the beautiful district of Ulemiste and inspected key infrastructure and interesting sites to include in the tour. We had to visit the site multiple times to ensure that we added real-world elements and entertaining activities. Within eight days, we were able to set up the virtual tour and deliver a memorable, engaging, and insightful experience in collaboration with the Estonian Entrepreneurship University of Applied Sciences.

The Impact

After the virtual tour was concluded, we received some great feedback from the students. They really appreciated the arrangement and were very thankful for all the hard work we had put in to set up the tour. It was a great learning experience for everyone involved, and it turned out to be an incredible, immersive, and engaging virtual tour of this smart city.


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