Discover the American Dream!

Discover the American Dream!

The United States of America has long been thought of as the land of opportunity – it is a great travel destination for visitors to discover their very own American dream? Whether they want to take a bite out of the Big Apple or follow the path of the adventurous young prospectors who followed their dreams to “go west” and explore California. There is so much to explore and love about America. Whether they are eager to see Utah’s snow-capped peaks and hiking culture or find out if everything is really bigger in Texas, they are sure to find something to be fascinated and inspired.

For those who have been waiting to explore one or more of these iconic fifty states, now is the chance. While the past two years of lockdown have made it nearly impossible for travellers to get into the USA, now they are free to explore all four corners of the great land of liberty & hope and live the American dream.

Keep reading to find out what COVID-19 rules visitors should comply with to make the journey to the USA a smooth one, and also learn more about some exceptional must-see destinations to include in the travel agenda!

COVID-19 Rules & Regulations

Here, we have listed updated guidelines to help visitors stay safe while travelling in the USA. (Source:

Rules of International Arrivals at Land Ports of Entry or Ferry Terminals

  • Show the COVID-19 vaccine certificate.
  • State that you are travelling for pleasure.

Rules for International Arrivals by Air

  • Carry your COVID-19 vaccination proof.
  • Provide contact information to your airline for contact tracing.
  • Comply with respective state guidelines.

Ready to explore?

Check out some of the top-rated tourist attractions in the USA and contact us to know more.

Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon

This natural wonder can be found in Arizona. Book a helicopter tour over this ancient spectacle, or simply view it from the Yavapai Observation Station or Mather Point.

Niagara Falls

Niagra Falls

Niagara Falls is made up of three majestic waterfalls which connect Canada to the USA. Enjoy the splendour of these stunning falls by taking a boat cruise, visiting the Cave of the Winds or getting an adrenaline rush with a zipline.

Statue of Liberty

Statue of Liberty, New York City

A sign of freedom and promise to immigrants arriving in New York throughout the decades, this stunning sculpture is sure to inspire one’s own love of America.

White House

The White House, Washington DC

With some luck, one might spot the President! The White House has been home to each President except George Washington, so why not view a piece of the history of democracy?

Las Vegas Strip

The Las Vegas Strip

Viva Las Vegas! Whether it is to visit casinos or take in a circus show, Las Vegas in Nevada is the perfect place to get lost and indulge.

Yosemite National Park

Yosemite National Park

Sprawling across the Sierra Nevada mountains in California, one can stand beneath ancient sequoias and take in the stunning views of Yosemite - perfect for hikers.

Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco

The gateway to the laid-back vibes of San Francisco, the Golden Gate Bridge is an architectural wonder for a memorable photo shoot. Take a boat tour around the bay, explore the golden gate recreational area or bicycle ride over the bridge to enjoy the beauty of the bridge and surrounding area.

Times Square

Times Square, New York City

New York, New York! Is there any more iconic place than Times Square? Visit Midtown Manhattan, take in a Broadway show, and see all the colourful characters this area has to offer.


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