Our People: Paola Antonelli, Travel Agent, Japanspecialist
Paola Antontelli, travel consultant at Japanspecialist
Paola Naomi Antonelli
Travel Agent,
Rome, Italy,

Our People: Paola Antonelli, Travel Agent, Japanspecialist

Get to know what sets our people apart and how they put our values into action.

First up, Rome-based travel agent, Paola Antonelli, shares her views on working in tourism, what she brings to customers, and what drives her in her role.


Every day is an adventure

In my role, every day is different, as it can be dedicated to only a few customers or to many based on the priority level. Each detail has to be carefully considered and I have to organise my day accordingly to be as efficient as possible, to prevent misunderstandings and, at the same time, to ensure customer confidence in the quality of service I offer and its value. Each day is a true adventure which makes my role unique and exciting.


Challenge and Flexibility

International Tourism is one of the fields most affected by global conditions. There are ups and downs; as we all know, especially since March 2020…

But, having said that, would you be able to forget the high moments? You answer the phone, make the booking, sell the tour, meet the customer, study a new destination to suggest to your next customer…tourism can really be hectic, but it’s intense and makes you feel alive!

Those highs always outweigh the lows and make you more resilient and creative. You learn to be flexible and patient, both very important elements in life.

View over Mt. Fuji in Japan at dusk


High-quality service and teamwork

Everyone can be creative and make their own personal contributions, but at the same time we work in a very connected and collaborative way. This makes our work dynamic and creative. Our expertise and high-quality service are the result of many, many years of activity and our continuous innovation facing different needs. It’s a heritage that you naturally wish to nourish and to build on.


Partner First: Imagine you are the customer.

It’s a kind of roleplay. Imagine you are the customer. You deserve the best, but ‘the best’ is unique to everyone, it needs to be the best perfectly customized for you.

In order to achieve this, we have to take care of every detail, without losing sight of the overall plan, and to anticipate customer needs and hidden expectations too. It’s a journey which grows step by step.

Paola Antonelli, travel agent at Japanspecialist


Hectic moments, lockdown and beyond

The most difficult moments are always when the service date is very near, there is a late change of idea from the customer, and you have to adjust your offer lots of times. These are the testing moments, but also when we pull together and can be the proudest of our work.

The dark period during the first lockdown of 2020 when we suddenly had to work from home was also of course a challenge but I’m so proud of how we overcame the obstacles we faced. With the supervision of my Manager Francesca and the help of all my colleagues, we got through it and emerged stronger than ever – ready for the next challenge!

Akihabara, Tokyo, at night with neon lights


For me, Tokyo. For my customers, the hidden gems we uncover.

For me, personally, my favourite destination is Tokyo. It’s a city I know well, having spent time living there, with its superb contrast of modernity and tradition and its vibrant spirit. But who is going to miss Tokyo during a first trip to Japan? Nobody!

The real challenge, however, is when you materialize projects in lesser-known parts of the country. So, for my customers, my favourite destination is the one they don’t even know about and are able to discover through our knowledge and expertise.


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