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Virtual & Hybrid Event Solutions

Connect in a new and exciting way

Building on our deep event management experience, we are introducing virtual & hybrid event solutions to help you keep growing and building relationships in today's world.

Because in an interconnected, diverse world, connections make the difference on the path to success.

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100% Virtual Events

By hosting your corporate event 100% online you are able to:

  • Connect and gather your attendees around the globe
  • Go virtual in the short-term to keep your conference cycle on track
  • Reduce overheads due to elimination of venue, entertainment and travel costs
  • Deliver varied & professional events using successful and proven technology

Hybrid Events

Get the best of both worlds with our Hybrid Event solution:

  • Combination of both live and virtual components
  • All participants to connect and engage with one another both in the real and virtual world
  • Those who can travel are able to network, learn and connect on site
  • Venue and catering costs will be reduced, but not eliminated

What we bring

Unique Content, Unique Experience

Leveraging our expertise and network in the travel world, we can deliver high-quality and creative content unique to you. With us, your guests will remember your event for years to come thanks to entertaining, sensory or educational experiences from Europe’s major cities or lesser-known sights.

Upgraded and Proven Expertise

Extensive expertise in planning and operating Virtual & Hybrid events in Europe led by our partner, Kuoni Congress, complementing our existing set of event management skills.

Advanced and Secure Technology

All-in-one Event Management Platform called OnAIR by EventsAIR. A feature-rich platform with everything you will need to minimize risks and maximize returns.

End-to-end Event Management

Beyond the technical solution, we take care of managing and organizing the entire event – fine-tuning all the details for a smooth, unforgettable experience.

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