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Covid-19: Our Commitment to Safety

As the scale of the Covid-19 pandemic and its knock-on effects has become clearer, the lasting impact on our professional and personal lives have both become increasingly apparent. As we begin conducting business once more, navigating a new and unfamiliar environment, we are aware that significant modifications to the way we work are needed.

In order to prepare for market recovery, our approach has been to develop and now implement a set of standards, the ‘Kuoni Tumlare Health & Safety Standards’, that protect our employees, agents, travellers and suppliers as we work together in this new business landscape.

Destination Updates

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Kuoni Tumlare Health and Safety Standards

As a global provider of destination management services, we understand that it is our responsibility to ensure our Health and Safety Standards are of the highest standard in all regions where we operate and maintain that customer protection is our number one priority.

Our World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) Safe Travels accreditation is a testament to our commitment to ensuring the safety of our travellers, employees, agents, and suppliers.

The consistency, accuracy and scope of our H&S standards means everyone involved is protected across the value chain – and in the event someone is unwell, our customer service team is there to advise and support.

We’re putting safety first, rebuilding confidence in travel and providing direction for the future.

Learn more by selecting the categories below.

  • Temperature checks prior to the start of duty
  • Updated itineraries to avoid large crowds and maintain social distancing
  • Guides and drivers to wear facemasks at all times
  • Guides will no longer shake hands
  • Briefing travellers on HandS protocols when they enter a new country
  • Groups may be limited in size or divided into smaller groups
  • Advance bookings where possible to avoid queues
  • Restaurants must have HandS protocols in place that comply with local regulations
  • All staff to wear face masks where possible in line with local regulations
  • Tables spaced within the restaurant to maintain social distancing
  • Hand sanitizer readily available to guests
  • Restaurants ensure that guests do not handle food at buffets
  • Paperless menus to be provided where possible. If paper menus are in use, they should be discarded after use
  • Minimize the number of guests waiting/congregating in common areas
  • All passengers required to wear a face mask
  • Travellers seated with social distancing rules in place. Seats behind driver may be left empty
  • Fixed seating arrangements for duration of tour or transfer in the same vehicle
  • Hand Sanitizer available in all vehicles
  • Removal of printed materials from seat-back pockets
  • Vehicles regularly disinfected
  • Driver greets may be prohibited to reduce exposure of drivers
  • Staging areas must adhere to social distancing. Staggered times for departures may be required depending on group size
  • Hotels might screen travellers’ temperatures upon arrival and check out, where possible in line with local regulations and guidelines
  • Hotels will limit physical contact as much as possible, while still delivering the best service possible
  • Buffet meals may be replaced by a la carte service or served menu
  • Where possible, room service will be made available for guests, subject to hotel category and group size
  • Spa facilities may operate under strict social distancing rules. Pre-booking may be required
  • Hotels must have HandS protocols in place that comply with local regulations
  • Vendors are required to disinfect any equipment before and after its use during an event
  • Any (off-stage) musical entertainment is required to have a 6m perimeter
  • Any high-touch games or activities will require an attendant to clean equipment after each use
  • If entertainment requires rehearsal, the room must be closed to all other personnel
  • Closely monitor symptoms of employees (temperature checks, physical symptoms, etc.)
  • Plated service preferred
  • Limit surfaces for guests to touch (i.e. chef attended stations)
  • All kitchen, warehouse and delivery employees to wear face masks
  • Constant cleaning of kitchen surfaces
  • Delivery drivers sanitize all trucks after every delivery
  • Hand sanitizing products stocked on all delivery trucks
  • Completely sanitize and clean the building after guests’ use. This should include sanitizing all contact surfaces from the entry to exit as well as the restrooms and any food service areas
  • Hand sanitizer stations made available in all entries and exits as well as the main guest areas and all restrooms
  • Dedicated staff to monitor and maintain venue space and bathrooms regularly during events, especially high-touch contact surfaces
  • All food stations will be manned by attendants and will follow strict protocols for guest service ensuring that only the attendant is touching food prep/service items
  • Group sizes may be restricted