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The below information is correct to the best of our knowledge at the time of publication. If in any doubt, please check official government advice directly or contact one of our sales representatives.

Sweden - Covid-19 regulations:


The country is open however the Covid-19 rate in Sweden has led to travel restrictions with other countries. Travel from outside the EU is banned until 31 August. There is a requirement to maintain social distancing.

Sources: www.krisinformation.se
Last updated: 11th August 2020

National movement

No restriction.


The country is open however the Covid-19 rate in Sweden has restricted other countries not to allow travels into Sweden. Travels from outside the EU is banned until 31 August. There is a requirement to maintain social distancing. Travelling restrictions for Sweden
There is a temporary entry ban in place for non-essential travels to the EU via Sweden until 31 August, but travel from another EU country, a country part of the EEA, UK and Switzerland to Sweden is possible.

There is no quarantine requirement for travellers to Sweden. Nor is there any general requirement to wear a face mask in normal social situations, in public places, in public transport etc.

Testing and travel certificates: Certain countries require a certificate proving that you do not have Covid-19 before entering. Other countries may require a certificate showing that their citizens are allowed to return home without having to go into quarantine.

Anyone with symptoms can get a PCR test which will determine if there is an active Covid-19 infection. If you are interested in doing a PCR test, contact phone number 1177.

An antibody (or a serological) test can show whether you have had Covid-19 and developed antibodies against the virus, and thus have protection against the disease. Some companies in Sweden offer foreign citizens such antibody tests (information in Swedish) at a cost, some of which can provide travel certificates. Also check information provided by your embassy.


Partly open. Information about which departing flights are affected is updated on a continuous basis and can be seen on Swedavia’s website under Arrivals and Departures. It is recommended to use face masks at airports.

Public Transport

Open & running. Authorities advise to travel only when necessary. No contact with drivers.


Same rules apply as for public transportation. Contactless credit card is preferred.

Guides / Assistants

Can work and guide by following National Board of Health recommendations such as keeping a distance of 1m from guests.


Local Transport - up and running. The restriction is that there are fewer people on the coach. The first 2 rows behind the driver are closed. No mask is required. Coaches are disinfected every day.

Coaches LDC - Recommendation against all non-essential travel.

Recommendation to businesses to limit the number of passengers per vehicle; and provide information on how to reduce the risk of transmission. Masks not compulsory.

Rail / Cable Cars

Trains are running and open. Seat booking might be required on certain trains.


OPEN as usual and operating according to rules on social distancing.


OPEN. To reduce the spread of Covid-19, restaurants, cafés, and bars as well as other venues serving food and drink must:
- Take measures to avoid crowding of people in queues, at tables, buffets or bar counters.
- Ensure that guests can keep at least one meter's distance from other people.
- Only serve food and drink to guests who are seated at a table or a bar counter.
- Guests are permitted to order and pick up food and drink, provided that this does not lead to crowding or queues.
- Offer guests the opportunity to wash their hands thoroughly with soap and water, or offer them hand sanitiser.
- Inform guests about how they can decrease the risk for spreading infection.


Restrictions about social distancing apply, hotels themselves can decide adjustments needed for safe operations. Some might provide a breakfast bag instead of a buffet.


Attractions have started to reopen. Different museums have different opening dates.


Public gatherings with more than 50 people should not be held until further notice. The police can cancel or disband a public gathering or event with more than 50 participants.