Kuoni Tumlare New : Russia

The below information is correct to the best of our knowledge at the time of publication. If in any doubt, please check official government advice directly or contact one of our sales representatives.

Russia - Covid-19 regulations:


Each region can decide its own measures.

Most of public places are open, however people are requested to keep social distance, wear masks and gloves.

National movement

Some regions require to a 14-day quarantine for those who arrive from MOW or SPB. Some do not.


All international borders are closed for tourists. Only travelers with medicine, working, or with family reasons are allowed to enter. All are requested to keep 14 days quarantine upon arrival to Russia.


Masks & gloves are obligatory. As well as maintaining social distance.

Public Transport

As usual. Masks & gloves are obligatory, as well as maintaining social distance.


As usual. Masks & gloves are obligatory.

Guides / Assistants

Guided tours are not allowed in MOW & SPB.


Rules are announced for public transport only.

Rail / Cable Cars

Masks & gloves are obligatory.


Masks & gloves are mandatory in both cities. Limited capacity per shop.


Open. Masks & gloves are mandatory, as well as keeping 1,5m distance. In many restaurants, online menus are available.


Open. Breakfast is served as room service. Gloves and masks are mandatory in public areas.




Cancelled, not allowed at the moment