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The below information is correct to the best of our knowledge at the time of publication. If in any doubt, please check official government advice directly or contact one of our sales representatives.

Norway - Covid-19 regulations:

National movement

People are free to move within the country.


1st June: Labor traffic to Norway opened. Quarantine rules replaced with traveller`s own assessment.

The border to Nordic countries (except most parts of Sweden) has been open since 15th June. On July 10th, the government announced a list of countries which Norway would be open for from 15th of July from the Schengen and EEA list. The criteria are that the country has fewer than 20 confirmed cases per 100 000 inhabitants in the last two weeks (evaluated on a national level) and fewer than 5 per cent positive tests on average per week over the last two weeks.

Regulations for the rest of the world, planned to be announced 20th August, may be postponed.


- To maintaining distancing, certain check-in machines and seats are sealed.
- Avinor has enhanced its already thorough cleaning processes in response to the issue and provided hand sanitizer.
- In consultation with local health authorities, who are responsible for infection prevention at the airport, arriving passengers receive information on quarantine.

Do I have to wear a facemask in Norwegian airports?
No, but some airlines require all passengers to use face masks on board. Please pay attention to information from your airline. Travelers cannot rely on face masks being distributed by the airlines or being available at Avinor’s airports.
Passengers arriving from countiries listed as red, are required to wear a facemask.

Are there any kind of health checks or temperature checks for passengers?
There is a COVID-19 testing facility at Bergen airport, passengers from countries marked as green are tested. Plans for similar operations at Oslo airport are under discussion.

Public Transport

Operating with increased capacity.


Maximum 50% passenger capacity is used to maintain social distance. Only rear seats are used. At least one-meter distance is recommended. Household members can sit together.

Guides / Assistants

No regulations are set except for standard social distancing of 1 meter.


Following the same recommendations as public transport. They are still blocking the first 4 seats (first row) but otherwise full capacity can be used. Most coaches are only using the middle doors.

Rail / Cable Cars

Thorough cleaning of important contact surfaces on board. Information posters from the Norwegian Directorate of Health are displayed in all trains.


Shops are open as normal. People are to maintain distance from each other.


Less capacity, as the tables need a 1-meter gap between them. Employees have received instructions on infection protection and how best to avoid infection. Hand sanitizer is available in common areas. Buffets have been permitted since 15th July. Bars and restaurants are allowed to serve alcohol until 23:00.


Most hotels are now open again. Buffets have been permitted since 15th July.


Some tourist attractions have reduced opening hours and some reduced capacity. Guests are responsible for keeping to the 1-meter rule and following instructions.


Events over 500 people are banned until 1st September. Events up to 200 pax have been allowed since 15th June.