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The below information is correct to the best of our knowledge at the time of publication. If in any doubt, please check official government advice directly or contact one of our sales representatives.

Northern Ireland - Covid-19 regulations:


The Northern Ireland Executive continues to ease the Coronavirus lockdown. All retail outlets have been permitted to reopen since June 12. Attractions, pubs and restaurants will be able to welcome customers back from July 3. Holiday accommodation has been able to reopen for business from 26 June. From 29 June, people should remain 1m apart (the guidance was previously set at 2m). The wearing of face coverings is highly encouraged in enclosed spaces where it is not possible to social distance.

Last updated: 10th August 2020

National movement

No restrictions on distance.

Groups of up to 30 people from different households can meet up outside as long as all adhere to social distancing measures.

Outdoor activities and sports that do not involve shared contact with hard surfaces, such as golf, water sports and tennis, are allowed. From 8 July, outdoor sports courts will also be permitted to open.

From 24 July, up to 10 people from four different households can meet indoors.


Travellers arriving in Northern Ireland from low or medium-risk countries will be exempt from quarantine requirements. This list is the same as England’s.


Passengers arriving in the UK by plane from certain countries will have to provide an address where they will remain for 14 days. Travellers must keep a receipt to show they have filled in a form with these details and there is a £100 penalty for not completing it. Surprise visits will be used to check they are following the rules.

Public Transport

Operating with a reduced service at the moment. Wearing face coverings is compulsory on public transport since 10 July.


Still in operation with face masks and hand sanitizers available to passengers – cars cleaned after every journey

Guides / Assistants

No regulations decided. Due to lock down this is not classed as essential and is not permitted.


Still not permitted.

Rail / Cable Cars

Trains are running on a reduced service. Practice social distancing during your journey, keeping at least two rows apart from other passengers onboard in Standard and one row in First Class. Face coverings should be used on our trains. There will be no onboard catering


All retail outlets have been permitted to reopen since June 12.

Providing the infection rate remains lower than one, hair salons, barbers and nail bars are open.


Restaurants, cafes, coffee shops, pubs and bars are open since 3 July – alcohol may be sold with food indoors. The Executive has also agreed an indicative date of August 10 for the reopening of indoor pubs and bars only selling drinks.


Holiday accommodation has been able to reopen for business as of 26 June. Hotels have been open since 3 July.


Tourist attractions, museums and galleries have been permitted since July 3. Theatres expected to reopen from 29 July.


Many events have been postponed or cancelled.