Kuoni Tumlare : news-2020-10-12 - Travel Safe. Travel Kuoni Tumlare.

October 12, 2020

Travel Safe. Travel Kuoni Tumlare.

Dear Agents, Suppliers, Partners & Employees,

As the scale of the Covid-19 pandemic and its knock-on effects has become clearer, the lasting impact on our professional and personal lives have both become increasingly apparent. As we begin conducting business once more, navigating a new and unfamiliar environment, we are aware that significant modifications to the way we work are needed.

In order to prepare for market recovery, our approach has been to develop and now implement a set of standards, the “Kuoni Tumlare Health and Safety Standards”, that protect our employees, agents, travellers and suppliers as we work together in this new business landscape.

Our teams have followed World Health Organization (WHO), European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC), Word Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) and national and local government guidelines and consulted with agents and suppliers to develop our “Kuoni Tumlare Health and Safety Standards”.

The standards contain a number of internal and external health and safety measures that our team and our partners are committed to adhere to as our business returns to operations. These standards will evolve as our industry moves from reopening to recovery.

Our 360° approach to safety has earned a Safe Travels accreditation from the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) for its comprehensiveness and level of accuracy.

Take a look at the video and visuals outlining how we are protecting our travellers every step of the way, visit: https://www.kuonitumlare.com/covid19. On the page, you can also find bi-weekly Covid-19 updates from across our European destinations for information on travel restrictions and more.

We hope our “Kuoni Tumlare Health and Safety Standards” provide you with the comfort to continue doing business with us as we all face the challenges presented by this New Normal.

Our entire Kuoni Tumlare team appreciates your support and partnership.

Thank you,

Shinji Kamio
CEO Kuoni Tumlare