Kuoni Tumlare : news-2020-07-20 - Introducing Kuoni Tumlare

July 20, 2020

Introducing Kuoni Tumlare, a Stronger Global Partner for our Customers.

In 2017, a venture between Kuoni Global Travel Services and Tumlare Destination Management was formed under the same parent conglomerate. Until now, both companies have traded as separate brands in many of our Global Markets, while with our suppliers, we have been operating together in order to leverage a wider network of opportunities. 

Today, we are officially announcing that Kuoni GTS and Tumlare are coming together to form a stronger, more agile global partner for our customers: Kuoni Tumlare. 

Kuoni Tumlare embodies the best of Kuoni GTS and Tumlare: a stronger brand with richer expertise, the largest suppliers’ network in the group travel space and a broader destination portfolio – enriching our offering of products & solutions. 

Our new destination-centric model, at the core of our value proposition, enables us to deliver higher quality and operational excellence through our network of local experts. 

Following our decision to move certain key tasks and operations from Global Hubs back to our destination offices across Europe, we are now better placed to provide superior travel solutions – ensuring a simplified client journey and streamlined processes for increased customer focus and speed of response. 

As a united brand, we are a stronger player with one shared mission: To create truly inspiring leisure travel and MICE experiences that go beyond expectations.

Our strategic decision to move forward as one brand also means that in countries where Kuoni GTS and Tumlare Sales teams operate under separate leadership, they will now come together as one under a single brand. 
We are excited as our Operations and Procurement Teams in Europe have been operating as one team for a long time now and with this development, we will be able to support you and your customers more professionally end to end. 

What remains unchanged is our commitment to our customers – we will remain a devoted, trusted partner, focused on creating new opportunities in a world that is changing faster than ever before. 


Kuoni Tumlare Leadership Team