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The below information is correct to the best of our knowledge at the time of publication. If in any doubt, please check official government advice directly or contact one of our sales representatives.

Germany - Covid-19 regulations:


Since the beginning of May the country has reopened its economy. Therefore, restaurants, shops, schools, parks, tourist attractions are now open. Restrictions are still in place such as: the use of masks on public transportation, in shops and in supermarkets; 1,5 m distance to be maintained; strict hygiene procedures. Due to its very effective pandemic control, Germany is considered one of the safest countries to visit after the peak of the pandemic.
Last updated: 27th July 2020

National movement

The country is open for everyone to travel internally with no restrictions, besides the ones mentioned below, if flying or taking public transport.


The borders with all EU countries Poland, Austria, Switzerland, France, Luxemburg, Belgium, Czech Republic and Netherland have been open since 15 June 2020. Denmark requires a minimum stay of 6 nights with proof of accommodation arrangements if entering from Germany. As of July 1st, some non-EU countries have been allowed to enter Germany again. Please find the list as follows: Australia, Georgia, Canada, Montenegro, New Zealand, Thailand, Tunisia and Uruguay. China, Japan and South Korea will only be accepted if these countries also allow German tourists to enter.


For the moment, airports are operating with almost no passengers and restrictions are as follows: use of protective masks is required, and constant hygiene procedures are taking place. From the beginning of June onwards, Germany will start to slowly receive international flights. Berlin Tegel was partially closed and will also start receiving some domestic flights from mid-June.
Covid-19 tests will be available upon entry at all international airports in Germany. For passengers entering Germany from defined risk areas as per the defined list from the Ministry of Exterior, a Covid 19 test at the airport will be mandatory.

Public Transport

Operating as usual. The use of a face mask is mandatory and a social distance of 1.5m must be maintained.


Operating as usual. The use of a face mask is mandatory. UBER services are also operating as usual and the use of face masks is required.

Guides / Assistants

Nothing official as of yet. For the moment, most tourist attractions are not allowing guided tours.


Touring coach services are possible in all states again for group travel. Regulations differ between states but most require a mandatory distance of 1.5m unless pax belong to the same household or wear a face mask. When entering and leaving the coach, the use of a face mask is mandatory. Where there is no pax limit however the first row next to the driver should be unoccupied.

Rail / Cable Cars

Rails are operating with restricted schedules and distance/mask rules. Cable cars will be opened in the next few days with the same restrictions as public transport. However, every region will decide their own opening dates.


Open as usual with 1,5 m distance restriction, the compulsory use of masks and a restricted number of clients at any one time.


Restaurants can open for guests with 1,5 m restrictions between the tables and public areas. Maximum of 6 people per table. Group reservations are possible. Reservation is required and at least one contact number and address must be provided. Buffets are currently not possible.


Hotels have reopened again gradually since the end of May. They are operating at reduced capacity (between 50 – 100% depending on the property).

Hotel restaurants can re-open with a reduced capacity of 33%-50% and controlled congestion management, applying a minimum distance of 1.5m per table. Recreational facilities such as saunas, swimming pools and fitness centres remain closed for the moment in most hotels


Attractions have been reopening since mid-May. The minimum social distancing restrictions of 1.50m and face masks are required and most of them are not accepting group reservations. Guided tours have only re-launched in very few attractions and are usually limited up to 10pax.


All major events and fairs until September have been cancelled. Some states are deciding locally for events from October onwards. Important events such Oktoberfest and Oberammergau have been already cancelled. However, the Book Fair in Frankfurt will take place with most of the events happening online. Each event must be checked separately.